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Monitor your water 24/7 and get alerts on your phone when there's a problem
Monitor your water 24/7 and get alerts on your phone when there's a problem


Get a hold of your entire farm with just a touch of a button. Farmo's suite of products allows farmers to transform their farms to make life easier and more efficient.


We understand the struggles farmers go through so we aim to change that.

Our Water Rat provides you with real time and periodic monitoring for different water sources on your property.


Our Award Winning product the Water Rat is is the world's easiest tank and trough water sensor on the market. You can just throw it in a trough, or tether it to a tank, and start getting low water level alerts on your phone or computer right away.

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With the dashboard you can unlock a new side to your farm

Each customer gets their own custom dashboard that allows them to monitor sensors, set alerts and schedules, and even model data. Get access to your entire farm using your Farmo dashboard. 

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Our product is designed with you in mind

Using the latest in sensor technology, Farmo gives you the opportunity to transform your farm.

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See your data 
anywhere and anytime

Farmo is committed to giving farmers a new way to connect with their farm. Because we care for our customers and wish to give a red-carpet customer experience, our pricing model is very transparent and easy-to-understand. With each hardware purchase a subscription for that device is needed which covers data, alerts, data processing and the dashboard.

Customer Stories

We strive to cultivate success stories between farmers and their products, so here are a few examples...