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Water Rat (Trough & Tank Sensor)

by Farmo
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  • Description
  • Specs
    • Farmo's Water Rat (patent pending) is the world's easiest to set up water tank, water trough and livestock waterer sensor on the market. Simply throw it in a waterer, or tether it to a tank and get real time alerts on your phone or PC when the water level drops. When it's floating,

  • Cattle will inspect the Water Rat then quickly leave it alone once they realise they can't push on it (and break it) like a fixed object. The Water Rat has GPS inside so when you move the mob, you move the Water Rat and save on capital expense by not requiring a sensor for every waterer.

    Suitable for all types of cattle operations including: 

    Background-stocker operations
    Cow-calf operations
    Creep feeding
    Finishing operations

    How it works:

    The Water Rat looks simple but has some smart technology inside including an accelerometer tilt sensor to detect movement, an NB-IoT chip to send data, and GPS to report location. When the water level reaches a low point, the Water Rat tilts over and sends an alert. When the water level rises another alert is sent to let you know the water is OK again. 

    Data is sent via Cat-M1/NB-IoT on the local cellular network (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc)  When you receive your Water Rat jump online to activate your subscription which covers the data, dashboard and alerts for a year. 

    Monitoring stock water can be made more efficient by technology and allow much more frequent observations. However, human oversight can never be replaced when animal welfare is at stake.

    Installation Instructions [download]

  • Sensor Details

    • 9 axis accelerometer
    • GPS 
    • NB-IoT/Cat-M1 module
    • 14,000 mAh Li/SOCl2 non-rechargeable battery for long-term use
    • 1.8m tether rope included

    Data Subscription

    • Each Water Rat requires a data subscription paid yearly.
      Includes Farmo dashboard and alerts.

    • Visualise data and set alerts on your PC, laptop or phone.
    • Display when water level above or below your trigger point.
    • Set custom alerts via email (free) or SMS (10c each).
    • Send alerts to different people at different times as required.

    Application areas

    • Stock waterers
    • Water tanks
    • Agricultural, Household, Industrial, Smart City, Ag-tech
    • Flood detection

    Care and maintenance

    • Tank or trough should be free of objects that could catch, hold or prevent the Water Rat tilting.


    • All Farmo products include a 12 month warranty as standard.

      Data sheet [download]