From Australia.
For everyone.

We want the future of farming to look different from its past. That’s why we have worked hard and launched a lineup of products which enable this future. 

Our Story

FARMO didn't start in the best of circumstances. Our founder, Nick Seymour, was experiencing one of the worst things that can happen on a farm which is finding animals in a distressed state due to a lack of water. At that moment a general idea to investigate water monitoring became a commitment to source or design the best water monitoring system possible.


The search for a water trough sensor came up blank so the Water Rat was invented. Then came a new gate sensor design and soon an ecosystem of farm monitoring tools was emerging. None of this would have been possible without Nick's young nephew Kevin Ngo, who happened to be a software engineer specialising in cloud storage and data security. Nick was designing the product, Kevin was connecting them to the world, and Farmo was born.


Farmo’s mission is to provide easy to use solutions to the many challenges faced on farms. Ultimately we want to improve the lives of farmers and the animals they care for.


As we grow our business we are adding people with the skills to advance our technical capacity as well as the understanding and empathy to support our customers' adoption of technology.